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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Triangle Office Guide really a free service?
Yes, the landlord pays all commissions so there is no charge to you for using our service. As your tenant representative we only represent your interests in the transaction. The landlord will have their own agent that represents their interests. The commissions involved are paid by the landlord and are divided by both agents, but do not come out of your pocket.

How much space does my business need?
The general rule of thumb is to allow 160 to 260 usable square feet per person depending upon the type and style of the business. This figure can vary depending on your use and other factors. For a more in depth explanation of how to determine your needs, please refer to our "How Much Space Will I Need?" resource page. For a quick estimate, you can also use our free office space calculator.

What is the best and most cost effective way to begin looking for space?
While some companies choose to begin searching on their own, in today’s highly competitive commercial real estate market it is highly recommended and advantageous for a potential tenant or buyer to let an experienced commercial real estate agent assist in the process and allow them to EXCLUSIVELY represent your company. This exclusive tenant or buyer representation is not only a time saver and smart . . . it is also FREE.

How early should I start looking for space?
As soon as you can. Depending on your specific needs, the amount of time needed can vary greatly. Small spaces and those leased on an as-is basis can sometimes be occupied very quickly. But as with most things, the more you have to hurry, the more you have to compromise on. With larger spaces, and especially with those that must be built-out, the process will certainly take months. Having an agent looking for your perfect fit with time to spare will almost always result in financial savings and an office that fits your needs as well as possible.

Why do I need to be represented exclusively by a qualified Tenant or Buyer’s agent?
There are several advantages to using an agent who specializes in Tenant or Buyer’s representation:

  • An exclusive Tenant’s agent knows that they will only be compensated for their efforts when you sign a lease and is therefore much more likely to remain focused on your needs. A commission-based real estate professional’s most valuable commodity is his/her time, and an exclusive agreement ensures that you get enough of it.
  • A good Tenant’s agent can also give you valuable advice, help you focus on and figure out on how to think about your exact space requirements, and negotiate with property owners on your behalf. While you only sign a lease every few years, a Tenant Agent is evaluating the market constantly. Their experience and contacts can add value in many ways. For example, they may be aware of space that may not yet be listed, or they may be very familiar with current market conditions and the pros and cons of each particular building and neighborhood.
  • Save Time: By having a good working relationship with your broker, you are able to shift some of the time intensive aspects of the space search to them, allowing you to focus on your business-where your time is best spent.

I like the space I’m in, but I need to expand or renew my lease with changes. Will having my own agent help?
Yes. We can use the same up-to-date market information we would use while searching for a new space to put you in a position of power when you negotiate a new lease rate, expansion of your current space, or concessions from your landlord. When you renew a lease, the landlord saves a great deal of money thanks to the lack of downtime and not having to put in new carpet, paint, etc. Using a tenant representative when renewing or expanding or expanding your space will tell your landlord that you are educated about the process and will make it easier to negotiate any terms that you want changes made to.

Do you only work with leases, or do you help with purchases as well?
Yes. In addition to leasing we also handle commercial property sales. Choosing to purchase is a big decision and much thought and planning should go into it. We can help you evaluate all your options and get you to the right decision fast.